The ERASMUS program

Τhe Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offers several advanced undergraduate courses each year in English, provided there is an international audience. All graduate courses will be taught in English in the case of a non Greek-speaking audience.

For the 2021-22 academic year, the following courses will be taught in English, depending on the audience of international students. See Undergradute courses for the course descriptions.

Fall semester 2021-22

Spring semester 2021-22

In past academic years, several of the following courses were taught in English. See Undergradute courses for the course descriptions.

Fall semester

Spring semester

and the graduate level courses (Fall semester)

graduate level courses (Spring semester)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are any courses taught in English?
Answer: Certainly, see the list above. Some courses in the 3rd and 4th year are offered in English. Lecturers can provide mentoring in English and literature in English will be suggested for almost all courses. Courses taught in English are enough for erasmus students to make choices and have a complete studies program. Courses for the 1st and 2nd year are taught in Greek. Please let us know which courses would be interesting for you and we will provide specific information.

Question: Can I take courses also from another department?
Answer: Yes. Please let us know which courses would be interesting for you and we will provide more specific information. Please note that, since the Erasmus agreement is on Mathematics, you cannot take all your courses from other departments.

Question: Are any language courses offered for Erasmus students?
Answer: The Faculty offers Greek language courses which Erasmus students may attend.

Question: Am I obliged, as an Erasmus student, to take some specific courses?
Answer: As an Erasmus student you have no obligations to attend specific courses in our University. Such obligations depend entirely on your University.

Question: What are the periods of the winter and spring semesters?
Answer: Winter semester courses are typically from the end of September till Christmas holidays and exams are held in January. Spring semester is from the beginning of February till mid May and exams are held from end of May until mid June.

Question: Is there help for students with dyslexia etc?
Answer: Help is provided by the Students Counseling Center (email: In general, lecturers will adapt the style of examination depending on the situation of the student.

Question: Can I come in touch with other Erasmus students before I arrive?
Answer: You can come in touch with ESN (web, facebook). Also, the students' Erasmus Culture Group facilitates the acquaintance between students.

Question: Are there any second-chance exams?
Answer: Second-exams are held is September for all courses offered during the previous academic year.

Question: In how many courses could I enrol?
Answer: According to Erasmus rules you should enrol in courses for approximately 30 ECTS per semester (a small deviation from this number may be allowed).

Question: Whom could I contact for more information?
Answer: You can contact Prof. Stavros Komineas (departmental ECTS coordinator) or Dr. Giorgos Siligardos.